StackRack: Revolutionizing Energy Storage and Powering a Resilient Future

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StackRack: Revolutionizing Energy Storage and Powering a Resilient Future

 StackRack, a trailblazer in energy storage solutions, is reshaping the landscape of the power industry with distribution partnerships, an ever-growing base of satisfied customers.  Positioned as an immensely scalable player in the market, StackRack aims to lead the charge in meeting the global demand for advanced energy storage solutions, with the market projected to exceed $120 billion by 2030. 

"At StackRack, our mission is clear: install a smart battery system in every building connected to the electrical grid," says Steve Baron, Director of Business Development at StackRack. "What sets StackRack apart is our patent-pending portfolio of products, enabling us to offer complete turnkey systems in a cost-effective and timely manner." 

StackRack's wide array of solutions is particularly advantageous for co-op utility providers, operating in nearly 80% of U.S. counties and providing electricity to over 50% of the landmass of the United States.  The ability to provide high R.O.I. solutions is crucial for these providers, and StackRack's offerings perfectly align with their needs. 

Over the past 12 months, StackRack has been rolling out residential systems through their certified installer network with excellent reviews.  Recently, StackRack has also secured its first-megawatt battery project with a Fortune 500 company.  These achievements mark a significant step forward in StackRack's commitment to transforming the energy storage landscape. 

Addressing the Electrical Grid Crisis: A Call to Action 

The electricity grid is at a critical juncture, and StackRack is leading the charge in addressing this crisis. For utility companies, the consequences could be financially catastrophic.  The aging grid, coupled with increasing power demand, is resulting in frequent power outages and soaring electricity costs. 

"Customers are flocking to StackRack, and reviews have been universally positive," Josh Miller, Director of Operations, adds. "Our solutions offer modular, custom options for utility projects, quicker implementation, penalty avoidance, and regulation of intermittent power output."

StackRack's energy storage solutions bring unparalleled benefits across these sectors.   

● For homeowners, our systems provide whole-home power backup during outages, scalable solutions adapting to evolving energy needs, and straightforward outdoor installations. 

● Businesses benefit from reduced energy costs, critical infrastructure backup, asset protection, and eligibility for tax credits.   

● Utility customers benefit from strengthening connections with distributed energy resources, avoiding transmission build-out and reducing interconnect penalties. This lowers their operational costs and contributes to environmental goals by eliminating polluting power plants. 

About StackRack 

StackRack is at the forefront of the energy storage revolution, providing innovative solutions to enhance grid reliability and power resilience. With a mission to install smart battery systems in every building connected to the electrical grid, StackRack offers a comprehensive portfolio of patent-pending products that are both cost-effective and timely. 

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