Record-Breaking Achievement: WI Scholar Summit Marks a New Era in Asian Financial Literacy with Over 1,000 Graduates

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Record-Breaking Achievement: WI Scholar Summit Marks a New Era in Asian Financial Literacy with Over 1,000 Graduates

The "WI Scholar Summit," Asia's highly anticipated financial education event is witnessing an influx of professionals from across the financial sector, including government dignitaries, academics, and industry leaders, setting the stage for pivotal discussions on Asia's financial future.

   WI Scholar Summit celebrates its first Financial Quotient Professional Course graduates, over 1000 individuals transformed by financial education! 

The summit has officially commenced at the Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), running from October 26-28,2023.


At the "WI Scholar Summit," the WCEI Academy made history, recognized by the Malaysian Book of Records for the largest financial quotient convocation for entrepreneurs. Over 1,000 diverse graduates, including 61 diploma recipients from across Asia, were awarded diplomas and certificates, showcasing the academy's commitment to fostering financial literacy in the region.


Central to the "WI Scholar Summit" is financial freedom as a cornerstone of personal and national prosperity, strongly backed by Malaysia's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. This vision syncs with WCEI Academy's goal: educating for financial independence and contributing to national progress. 


This year, WCEI Academy, in partnership with Genovasi University College, launched a Financial Quotient certification course for those seeking financial independence. At the summit, Dr. Stephen Choo, founder of WCEI Academy, celebrated the graduation of participants from various age groups.


In his opening speech, Dr. Choo shared insights from the Berkshire Hathaway Meeting, contrasting Eastern labour-focused and Western investment-driven wealth creation. These led him to found WCEI Academy, equipping Asian entrepreneurs with key financial strategies. In 2023, the academy celebrated graduating 1,087 individuals aged 17 to 80.


"We envision this course as a transformative platform that equips our graduates with robust financial acumen and skills," Dr Choo mentioned. 


The summit's opening day featured licensed lawyers and university professors delivering financial quotient courses. Day two centred on finance and education seminars, encouraging partnerships between academia and industry, and delving into Malaysia's economic future. The summit concluded with over 1000 graduates receiving diplomas, showcasing the academy's significant educational influence.




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