Momcozy Celebrates Breastfeeding Pride with Special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers for Moms

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Momcozy Celebrates Breastfeeding Pride with Special Black Friday and Cyber Monday Offers for Moms

Momcozy, a renowned maternity and baby brand, is not just about providing quality products but is also dedicated to supporting breastfeeding rights in public and the workplace. The brand stands as a champion for breastfeeding pride and is excited to announce exclusive Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers to increase accessibility to products that bring both comfort and confidence to breastfeeding moms. 

This celebration of motherhood is showcased in Momcozy’s diverse product line which includes: 

  • Small, light, and wearable breast pumps that are discreetly quiet, allowing moms to pump on their own terms
  • Fashion-forward, soft and breathable nursing bras for all sizes supporting body positivity for moms
  • Baby care essentials like monitors and bottle warmers

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, moms can enjoy a site-wide 20% off on the Momcozy official website. A deeper 30% discount applies to any bra orders over $79. Additionally, Momcozy will gift moms a free kneading lactation massager for an order over $259 or a free 4.3-inch baby monitor for an order over $699. On November 24-25, there will be a 25% discount on Momcozy’s featured products, including the V2 Wearable Breast Pump, the YN46 Nursing Bra, and the BM01 High-Performance Baby Monitor. 

The Momcozy Flagship Store will also feature exciting offers, such as a 15% discount on the YN21 Nursing Bra, a 20% discount on the M5 Wearable Breast Pump and the Portable Baby Bottle Warmer, and a 15% discount on the Baby Carrier Classic.

Momcozy's commitment to breastfeeding support goes beyond just offering products; it extends to a comprehensive Breastfeeding Support Program that caters to the unique needs of breastfeeding moms. This program delivers accessible education, one-stop maternity solutions, connection to caring communities, and more, with the mission to create a world that provides more care and comfort for breastfeeding mothers.

"As a brand, we understand that breastfeeding is one of the most beautiful experiences in motherhood. Our new range celebrates this, and we're proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with moms in cheerleading the normalization of breastfeeding in public and the workplace," explained a representative for the brand.

Momcozy's innovative and discreet solutions, from wearable breast pumps to fashion-forward nursing bras, empower mothers to navigate their professional lives while continuing to care for their baby. By making these products more accessible through special offers, Momcozy aims to celebrate breastfeeding pride and provide comfort, confidence, and dignity to moms in their motherhood journey.

For more information about Momcozy's Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers and Breastfeeding Support Program, please visit


About Momcozy

Since 2018, Momcozy has been dedicated to bringing comfort to mothers around the world with conveniently wearable breast pumps; comfy and stylish nursing bras, and other mom and baby care essentials. Loved by over three million mothers in over 40 countries, Momcozy is a trusted companion to women from pregnancy to early motherhood. With continuous innovation and a commitment to cozy designs born from love, Momcozy is making moms' lives easier globally.

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