Keene Family Holdings Announces Rebranding as KEENE, Inc.

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Keene Family Holdings Announces Rebranding as KEENE, Inc.
Keene Family Holdings, a prominent manufacturing company specializing building products and systems, is thrilled to announce its rebranding as KEENE, Inc. This strategic move comes after years of successful growth in building brands in both commercial and residential construction. The overall size and system value to the market allows for the establishment of a unified entity with a strong presence.

The entities will be branded under KEENE, Inc. The selection of this name represents a simple yet powerful representation of the company's innovative building applications that ties in the meaning of "keene," a sharp idea. KEENE, Inc. holds over 25 patents and more than 50 trademarks including QUIET QURL™, DRIWALL™, RamTough™ and MortarNet™.

"Keene Inc. is an 85% organically grown company. Even though we have acquired a few great brands and companies, each acquisition has grown substantially while we have been involved. Today, the size and similarity of the businesses allow for the single name with substance that has a presence in the construction market. Taking advantage of the best-known name, KEENE, Inc. was selected as simple and easy-to-understand. Keene Family Holdings was more of a placeholder entity name, and now we've established an entity that can be marketed to architects, developers, and contractors," said Jim Keene, CEO of KEENE, Inc.

To accompany this exciting rebranding initiative, KEENE, Inc. has launched its new website at The website serves as a valuable resource for industry professionals, offering comprehensive information about the company, its subsidiaries, and the broad range of products and services available.

KEENE, Inc. remains focused on delivering excellence in every aspect of its
operations. With a consolidated brand and a strong presence in the construction market, KEENE, Inc. is poised for continued growth and success.
For more information about KEENE, Inc., and its subsidiaries, please visit

About KEENE, Inc.: KEENE, Inc., originally founded in 2002, owns and operates several companies specializing in manufacturing and distributing high-quality building materials, custom specialty paint, resinous floor coatings, 3D printing filament, and thermoplastic welding rod. With a commitment to manufacturing excellence, product innovation, and customer satisfaction, KEENE, Inc. is a trusted name in the construction industry with brands such as Keene Building Products, Rio Floor Systems, Barrett Roofs and Dependable

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