J9 World Championship Is Held, with Batistuta as the Awarder

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J9 World Championship Is Held, with Batistuta as the Awarder

The first J9 World Championship was held in Manila, Philippines on January 29, 2024.


The 49 top players from China, Japan and Korea had fierce competition in skills and minds. One participant from Mainland China won the championship after three hours of competition including semi-finals and the final, who accepted the reward of the championship from Bati-gol War Batistuta, the Argentine football legend and J9 brand spokesperson.


Tens of thousands of baccarat lovers have been enchanted from around the world to the competition. Totally 49 winners from an online competition that lasted 1 year finally got the opportunities to the final duels in Manila. The fierce and exhilarating duels were broadcasted on line to anyone in the globe, offering viewers the true essence of the game. The amazing combats of participants also drew more potential competitors for the game in the future.


The online video game company J9.com was the initiator of the competition. And Solaire Resort in Manila was the host of the semi-finals. Lara Maguna, Marketing Director of Solaire Entertainment, was present at the event to award the semi-finalists as a way to express their attention and support. The 7 finalists had their final battle in another place called AG Flagship Hall. Local Filipino artists were invited to perform in order to add some entertaining elements in the most comfortable way offered to every participant of the competition.


J9 specially invited brand spokesperson Batistuta to be present at the competition personally announcing the opening, and watching the competition in the live to encourage the participants and smoothen the competition progress in addition to awarding the finals in the end. Batistuta cordially interacted and took photos with the eligible participants and fans in it, who could appreciate the fascination of the superstar.

J9.com brand takes a lead in online video games and serves as an official global partner of the FIBA. The world’s first online and offline competition J9 has proved to have profound heritage and strong product strength. Successfully holding of this World Championship further fortified its position as the benchmark in the industry and witnessed J9’s global expansion. J9 will continue to work hard in the future to offer users constantly improved products and services. Let’s see what it could offer. The future world championship will become more exciting.


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